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Inspire kids to read with these two winner ideas!

One of the best ways to inspire your kids to love reading is to combine books and travel. Traveling to new places can spark their imagination and curiosity, while books can help them learn more about the culture, history, and stories of the destinations they visit. Here are some tips on how to make books and travel a fun and educational experience for your kids:

- Before you go, read books that are set in or related to the place you are visiting. For example, if you are going to Paris, you can read The Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Little Prince (one of my favorites, in English and in French), Posthumous, or Crime Travelers Book One. This will help your kids get excited and familiar with the place.

- While you are there, visit bookstores, libraries, or museums that feature books or authors from the place. For example, if you are in London, you can visit the British Library, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This will help your kids appreciate the literary heritage and diversity of the place.

- After you come back, encourage your kids to write their own stories or draw their own pictures based on their travel experiences. For example, they can write a diary, a comic, or a fantasy story inspired by the places they saw, the people they met, or the things they learned. This will help your kids express their creativity and reflect on their memories.

Crime Travelers Series:

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